We will handle pre-season and urgent communications via email. We recommend that you subscribe to the Google Groups "Montevideo Piranhas" group. To add or remove your email address simply go to this link: .

Please make sure that Steffen Hagene has your email address. You can contact him at We also email families a newsletter with meet information on a weekly basis. We use the swim team file box for any print communications. Each family will have a file folder labeled with the family name.

Any correspondence regarding practice, meets, social events, etc. that is not included in the weekly newsletter will be put in your family’s file folder. Your family's folder will be in a file box located on a table next to the pool during practice. It is important that you check it on a daily basis. If you allow your children to bring home your correspondence, remind them to dry off completely before going to the file box to avoid dripping on the papers in the folders. The file folder itself stays in the file box and must not be removed.

If, for some reason (e.g. illness, injury), your swimmer needs to drop the team prior to the end of the season, please let us know in writing. This applies to any important communications you may have for us. You may email a board member (see email addresses at front of handbook).