Swimmer’s Code of Conduct

Montevideo (MTVD) wishes to foster an environment that is fun, safe, friendly, motivational and respectful while our swimmers learn proper techniques and compete in the summer swim league.

This Code of Conduct has been developed to promote teamwork, courtesy and respect for our teammates, coaches, volunteers, officials and opponents.

We consent to abide by the below described Code of Conduct while we are associated with or participate with Montevideo Swim Team. We understand that violations may result in full or partial forfeitures of registered athlete’s privileges and participation in team activities without recourse and/or disciplinary proceedings.

  • We agree to respect and to be positive to teammates, coaches, volunteers, officials and opponents at all times and agree to respect the authority of officials and coaches at meets and practices.
  • We will inform the coach of any disability or ailment that may affect the safety of the swimmer or the safety of others.
  • We will offer encouragement and friendship to our teammates at all VCSL/MTVD events.
  • Coaches and officials will not tolerate any behaviors (physical, verbal, emotional) that will endanger the health or well-being of other swimmers or coaches.
  • We will emphasize skill development and how it benefits my swimmer over winning.
  • We agree to accept decisions of the meet directors.
  • We understand that as parents or guardians we will be asked to volunteer our time and talent and will do so in a pleasant and cooperative manner.
  • We understand that all practices and competitive events are alcohol and tobacco free.
  • We understand that abiding by this Code of Conduct is just as important as practicing hard and we will do our best to be good teammates.