Dual Meet Awards
On the Monday after a meet, each swimmer will get one ribbon for every event he/she swam at the meet. Swimmers who improve their times but do not place (we have ribbons up to 10th place), will receive an “Improved Time” or “Personal Best” ribbon. Swimmers who do not place, do not improve their times, or are disqualified will receive a “Participant” ribbon.

Our league scores dual meets using a combination of place points and an improved time ratio (# of times improved over # of swimmers competing in the event) to compute the total score of an event. Therefore even if your swimmer does not place, he/she can still contribute to the score by improving his/her swim over the seeded time. For this reason, it is particularly important that swimmers attend the practice meet (time trials), where they will have an opportunity to get seed times for the first meet.

Champs and End-of-Season Awards
Every Piranha swimmer will receive a trophy at the awards ceremony on July 24th. The coaches select one girl and boy in each age group to receive special trophies as follows: Most Valuable Swimmer, Most Improved Swimmer and Coaches’ Award. Two awards, Miss Piranha and Mr. Piranha go to the two swimmers on the team who have best demonstrated the team ideals through performance, sportsmanship and support of their fellow swimmers during practice, at meets and at team social events.

Swimmers who swim in at least one individual event at ALL meets will be eligible the Steve Lindt Dedicated Swimmer Award award. The meets include time trials, all dual meets and Champs.

At the awards ceremony at the end of the season, swimmers who have competed with the Piranhas for ten seasons will receive a special ten year towel. If you believe this is your child’s tenth year, be sure to let the board know and we will check our back rosters to verify this.